BRIDGE COURSE. Gospel Formation 2019.


The Bridge Course is a training designed to be a bridge between Seminary class and local church bible studies.

At The Bridge we offer a growth pathway to all our members to grow in Gospel Theology (Head), Gospel Application (Heart) and Hands-on ministry (Hands).

Over the course of 9 sessions, we explore and discuss how the gospel forms and shapes us, explicitly and implicitly, as individuals, as a community, and as a church.

Module 1

Gospel Theology.

  • Week 1. Gospel Centrality ­ 101.

  • Week 2. Gospel Identity ­ 102.

  • Week 3. Gospel Conversations ­ 103.

Module 2

Gospel Communities.

  • Week 4. Dynamics of A Gospel Community ­101.

  • Week 5. Dynamics of Gospel-­shaped Relationships ­ 102.

  • Week 6. Doing Bridge Community Groups Together ­ 103.

Module 3

Gospel Mission in The City.

  • Week 7. Understanding Missional Context ­ 101.

  • Week 8. Kingdom-­centered Prayers ­ 102.

  • Week 9. Global Gospel Mission ­103.

NOTE. At this time, this course is available only for committed members of our church. However, anyone who wants to commit and grow in our church can do so by taking the first step of becoming a member. See membership page.