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Casual or semi-formal.  Anything is alright. 

What To Expect 期待される事:

Our worship gathering starts at 2:00 and ends at 3:30.  

The worship consists of 礼拝の内容:

  • Call to Worship: Our worship starts with a brief time of Bible reading & prayer to set our hearts on God who calls us to worship Him through Jesus.

  • Worship Through Praise Songs. Our songs are generally modern praise songs, and contemporary hymns, with rich lyrical and gospel-centered content. The lyrics are on the screen. You can join us singing praises to God for who He is and what He has done for us in Jesus Christ.

  • Worship Through Preaching and Listening: Our worship continues with a 35 min gospel-centered expository sermon / teaching. Generally, we go through entire books of the Bible throughout the year. Occasionally there is a thematic or stand-alone sermon on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Father’s Day or when there’s a guest speaker etc. Listen sermons here.

  • Worship Through Offering: Offerings (and tithes) are one of the ways that Christians worship and respond to God’s graciousness in generosity. You are not obligated to give if you are not a Christian etc.  If you’d like to understand what tithing is, please read our blog here.

  • After the Worship gathering, you can meet others with refreshments or join a dinner group.  You are welcome to join, or leave after the worship if you're in a hurry. 

  • Other times, we have Gospel Formation Group (Leadership Development and Training). If you’d like to join this training group, please take the first step of becoming a committed member and fill out the form on our membership page.

その後お菓子を食べながら他の人と話したり、よかったら食会に参加できます。急いでいる時など、礼拝の後残るかすぐに帰るかは自由です。 聖書朗読と祈り、賛美の歌、聖書に基づいたキリスト中心の35分間の説教、献金(クリスチャンでない方は捧げる必要はありません)等

every Sunday we have live simultaneous Japanese translations. 毎日曜日には日本語の逐次通訳があります。


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