Gospel-centered Church Tokyo

The Judge and Servant King

The Gospel of Mark | Pastor Joey Zorina | Mark 9: 42-50

On the cross, Jesus received the judgment of hell for us. The purest hands were nailed to the cross by the hands of sinners. The purest One was pierced with a spear--by the hands of sinners.

The Greatness of The Servant King

The Gospel of Mark | Pastor Joey Zorina | Ch. 9: 33--41

In this sermon, we see the greatest King who came to be the servant of all. On the cross, the first became the last of all. The way to be the first is to be the last.

The Servant King Who Heals and Saves

The Gospel of Mark Series | Mark 7: 31--37 | Pastor Joey Zorina

The famous classical composer Beethoven began to suffer from hearing loss around 1801. At one point he had to be turned around to see the applause of the audience, because he could not hear the applause. For years he had lived for the applause of people, which only comes after the performance. So by 1802, Beethoven became very depressed and wanted to commit suicide. In the Gospel, however, we hear the Father's applause before the performance--because of Jesus.

The Gospel in Which You Stand

1 Corinthians 15: 1-11 | Easter 2019 | 2nd Anniversary | Pastor Joey Zorina

"In the society around you, people find their identity and self-worth in what they do, or will do, or how they feel. They say: “I am what I do. I am what I accomplish. I am what I feel.” But Paul says, “By the grace of God I am what I am.” The Gospel says: “You are who you are based on what Christ has done for you.” A changed life is a miracle performed by Christ through the power of His resurrection."